KF Shkumbini Peqin: A Football Legacy in Peqin, Albania

KF Shkumbini Peqin, a football club steeped in history, calls the picturesque city of Peqin home. Let’s explore the journey of this club—from its humble beginnings to its current standing:

Origins and Early Days

  • 1924: Football found its way to Peqin when an army officer from Shkodër brought a ball with him. Inspired by the game, local enthusiasts formed an amateur club in 1924. They played friendly matches against teams from other Albanian cities.
  • 1936 Triumph: Shkumbini’s first taste of success came in 1936 when they clinched the Kategoria e Dytë (Second Division) title by defeating Apolonia Fier. This victory marked their emergence as a competitive force.

Rise to the Top Flight

  • 1994: After decades in the lower divisions, Shkumbini achieved a historic milestone. They finished second in the Kategoria e Parë (First Division) and secured promotion to the Kategoria Superiore (Super League) for the first time.
  • 1994–95 Season: In their debut top-flight season, Shkumbini held their own, finishing a respectable 7th out of 16 teams. Their record included 11 wins, 8 draws, and 11 losses.
  • 1997–98: The club continued to impress, securing a fourth-place finish in the Kategoria Superiore. Striker Dorian Bubeqi topped the league’s scoring charts with an impressive 26 goals.

Present-Day Shkumbini

Coaches and Legacy

Whether you’re cheering from the stands or following their journey online, KF Shkumbini Peqin remains an integral part of Albanian football history. 🏟️⚽


  1. Shkumbini Stadium
  2. Current Squad
  3. Historical list of coaches: Shamil Dylgjeri, Edmond Bedalli, Shyqyri Rreli, Vasil Bici, Agustin Kola, Luan Deliu, Ramadan Shehu, Artin Kovaçi, Stavri Nica, Astrit Sejdini, and more. 📜🌟






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